GIFT Chaplaincy Team

GIFT Chaplaincy Team – Inspirational People

The GIFT Chaplaincy Team travelled to St. Gabriel’s in Bury to listen and ask questions to Chris Lubbe, the former bodyguard to Nelson Mandela. Mr Lubbe spoke with much inspiration to the chaplains from all over the diocese about hope and forgiveness, recalling personal memories of his life to encourage our team and others to stand up for what is right and make a positive difference to the world.

GIFT Chaplaincy Team – Meeting the CSYMA

The GIFT Chaplaincy Team were introduced to the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia as part of Bishop John’s Celebration event held at St. Gabriel’s Bury. The chaplaincy team had travelled all the way from Australia to inspire our young GIFT Chaplains in spreading the Catholic message of Jesus’ love. They used role plays and speeches to encourage our team in promoting their talents and skills and to be proud of everything the Catholic faith stands for.