UKMT Maths Challenge

Year 7 and 8’s took part in the UKMT Mathematics Junior Challenge on Thursday 27th April 2017 which consists of 25 very challenging maths problems. Across the country only the top 20% of pupils achieve a bronze certificate, 13% a silver certificate and 6% a gold certificate. This year our pupils did fantastic. Well done to everyone who took part!

Year 8’s

Callum Hardcastle achieved Best in year, Best in school and a Gold certificate. (on left)

His result was so high that he was entered into the Junior Kangaroo Challenge.

Silver certificate

James Poff

Isobel Rooney

Sam Seaborn

Bronze certificate

Rafal Szuba

Alisha Mulvany

Emma Holland

Joel Bromley-Pryce

Harvey Whipday

Andrei Wilkinson

Hannah Benson

Libby Strong

Shea Burke

Wictoria Bartosiak

Ellie Mastin

Sophie Withington

Year 7’s

Best in Year / Silver certificate

Jimmy Moulton (see photo)

Silver certificate –

Harry Martin

Liam Henshall

Callum Glew

Chidamma Anyakora

Bronze certificate –

Harry Burns

Meadow Bryan

Demi Aransiola

Jokotola Adenuga

Lily Walley

Macy Russell

Daniel Beard

Joseph Holden

Liam Burns

Maths Education Challenge

This year some of our talented year 8 and year 9 mathematicians took part in the ‘Mathematical Education Senior Challenge’ and ‘Mathematical Education Challenge.’

Toby Walker in year 8 (pictured) and Bolaji Adengua in year 9 were both awarded certificates for their fantastic work.