Year 8 Spelling Bee

During this term Year 8 have been practising their spelling strategies to take part in the Spelling Bee competition. They have spent time during registration to work on improving their spellings and extending their vocabulary. This has involved 'knock out stages' whereby each week pupils took part in a spelling test.

The 12 finalists were:

T – Kadie-Lea Marsh & Desmond Appiah-Kubi

H – 
Sam Seaborn & Lucy Thompson

O – Harry Wallace & Abbie Price

M – Keirah Talbot & Wiktoria Bartosiak

A – Nina Szavranowska & Ciara Morgan

S – Olivia Price & Erin Bradbury

This is an amazing achievement. All of Year 8 participated in the spelling bee competition held on the 28th of February. All pupils showed their enthusiasm by cheering on their form representatives and by behaving in a positive manner to support each other.

Well done to all of Year 8 for taking part in a great competition!

Big congratulations to our runner up Ciara Morgan from 8H and to Erin Bradbury

from 8S for becoming our St. Thomas More’s Year 8 2017 spelling bee champion!


The Year 8 Spelling Bee Finalists

The winner Erin Bradbury & Miss Black