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We believe, at St Thomas More, that every pupil should have numerous opportunities to learn about the work of work, employability skills and the qualities that are valued in the workplace in order to increase the self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence of our pupils. Through this, we believe our pupils’ aspirations are raised. Pupils can then go on to make informed choices about their futures and continue to develop their employability skills.
Our careers programme is embedded throughout school life and promotes equal opportunities and challenges stereotypical thinking with the aim to open up as many pathways to pupils as appropriate.
Gatsby Benchmarks
We continue to strive to achieve all eight Gatsby Benchmarks at St Thomas More.
The eight benchmarks are:
1. A stable careers programme,
2. Learning from career and Labour Market Information,
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil,
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers,
5. Encounters with employers and employees,
6. Experiences of workplaces,
7. Encounters with further and higher education, and,
8. Personal Guidance
Careers Programme
Careers at St Thomas More is delivering in a multi-faceted approach. Comprising of, but not limited to, the following elements:
Embedded careers lessons in CPSHE sessions;
Form time activities;
Morning assemblies;
College Roadshow talks;
Impartial careers advice through Positive Steps;
Year 9 Industry Day;
Year 10 Work Experience;
Year 11 drop-in sessions;
Careers learning sessions: CVs, Personal Statements, and Perfecting Interview technique;
Year 11 Mock Interviews;
Careers fairs;
College Taster Days.
One to One Careers Interviews
Pupils are entitled to appropriate guidance to meet their individual needs. All pupils at school can request an appointment with the careers adviser but, in practice, Years 9-11 are most likely to access the service
Pupils are identified for careers meetings based on need and through self-referral.
Our Careers Officer is Paula Cliff, a qualified independent Careers Adviser from Positive Steps
Self-Referral for Careers Interviews
Pupils may refer themselves for a careers meeting at any point, directly via the careers office or via a Form Tutor, Head of Year, SLT. An appointment with the adviser will then be arranged. Pupils are made aware of the careers adviser through assemblies and via form tutors
If a student is absent or fails to attend, an alternative time will be arranged
Careers Information
Careers information is available through relevant displays, information sent to form tutors, our social media channels on Twitter (@STM_College and @stm_cpshe) and Facebook
Careers Information can also be found in the CLC
External providers
A range of external providers are invited into school to support the careers programme. These might include local colleges, universities, training providers, apprenticeship organisations, employers, school alumni
In all cases, such staff and organisations will be vetted for suitability by the relevant staff at school
Pupil Voice
We conduct an annual pupil voice to ascertain pupil interests and feedbacks in delivering an ever-evolving purposeful careers programme
Employer links
Links with employers, businesses and other external agencies will continue to grow through building on local community connections.
Equal Opportunities
STM is keen to promote equal opportunities and challenge stereotypes,
All pupils can access advice and guidance tailored to their needs with support to explore options that suit their preferences, skills and strengths,
The careers adviser works with the SENCO and CLASS Resource Base to support Education, Health and Care planning and the inclusion team to support pupils who may be facing other challenges
The destinations of school-leavers are monitored and trends identified
Labour Market Information
What is Labour Market Information?
Labour Market Information focuses on giving you information about the local area you live in:
Wage rates
Job availability
Skills gaps
Unemployment rates
Reports from professional bodies
Economic summaries from the local area
Labour Market Information ensures that young people are equipped with the information needed to make well informed realistic decisions.
You can find out more at:
Bridge GM
The Bridge GM site tells you about the availability of jobs in Greater Manchester & Tameside
Information has also been provided by New Economy, Greater Manchester's Policy and Research Team.
Specific Careers Websites
University application:
Careers in the NHS:
Careers in the Police: 
Careers in the RAF:
Careers in the Navy:
Careers in the Army:
Careers in the Fire Service:
Careers in the Theatre: