Open Evening 2020





Firstly, a warm welcome to St Thomas More RC College. 


Unfortunately, this year, we will not be able to welcome you into our school, which is a great shame for all. However, I hope we can provide you with an overview of what the school has to offer on our Virtual Open Day and we look forward to hopefully meeting you in person in the near future.


At St Thomas More RC College, we aim to provide a first class Catholic education for all our pupils as we endeavour to uphold the Catholic values and ethos that are outlined in our Mission Statement on a daily basis.  

As an outstanding Catholic college, we take great pride in ensuring all our pupils are at the heart of everything that we do and our faith community is like a family that supports one another. Our daily prayer and worship sets the tone for the day ahead and at all times, there is a real emphasis on coming together for collective worship, liturgies and reflection. Furthermore, in our 2019 Section 48 report, it was recognised that all the staff at our school are ‘united heart and soul’ in their mission to create ‘a community which recognises the worth and dignity of all people’ and we take great pride in being an inclusive outstanding Catholic school.

Our curriculum at St Thomas More is broad and balanced and our pupils are given the opportunity to find the path that best suits them, so they can achieve their full potential during their time at our schoolAt St Thomas Morewe embrace education by encouraging scholastic excellence across the curriculum at Key stage 3 and 4 through our ‘vibrant’ teaching and learning culture. We successfully build on prior knowledge and learning and our dedicated team of teachers focus on developing the skills of oracyindependence and resilience to ensure all our pupils become excellent learners.

In addition to the school curriculum, we have an extensive array of extra-curricular activities to suit every pupil and these range from the creative arts, to The Duke of Edinburgh Award, STEM activities, choir and musical activities and excellence in sport, to name but a few. There truly is something for everyone at St Thomas More!

Furthermore, the excellent structure of our pastoral team encourages all our pupils to be happy, confident, respectful and virtuous individuals and throughout their time at St Thomas More, our pupils are guided by their form tutor, Head of Year and Learning Support team to be the best that they can be. At our school, our pupils thrive in a secure, caring and harmonious environment that strives for success. We aim to develop and nurture the talents of each and every pupil, inside and outside of the classroom, to prepare our pupils for Post 16 study and beyond.  

During their time at St Thomas More, we aspire to inspire all our pupils to follow the Gospel values of ‘peace, love truth and justice’ and to achieve and succeed in everything they do. Even though we cannot meet you face to face this year, we believe our pupils are the best ambassadors and advocates of the daily life of our outstanding Catholic community and please watch our newly appointed Head Girl and Head Boy discuss how special and unique our school is.

Thank you for visiting our Virtual St Thomas More RC College Open Day and I do hope you have found this page informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information

Mr Brophy