Headteachers Letter

December 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

As we are now into the season of Advent and the time of preparation for Christmas I thought I would take the opportunity to write to you to thank you for your ongoing support of our wonderful students and teachers and to inform you of the arrangements for the end of term.

Outstanding Practice

Our hardworking students in all year groups continue to impress with high levels of engagement and dedication to their studies. Year 11 have now completed the majority of their mock examinations this term and the initial results indicate that this year group will continue with the outstanding rates of progress and achievement in their summer GCSEs that we have come to expect at St Thomas More RC College. Very well done Year 11!

During the term we have built on our successful Outstanding Section 48 inspection through the celebration of Mass and the selfless charity work that many students have been involved in through the Liturgy and GIFT teams. Our Stewards team also answered Bishop John Arnold’s call to “care for our common home” by attending an inspirational Salford Diocese Eco Event at Wardley Hall.

High Standards: Uniform

The reputation and success of our school is built on the High Standards that we share as a community and I am extremely grateful for your ongoing support in maintaining our standards, so that we can continue to deliver the best possible educational outcomes for all the students who attend St Thomas More RC College. 

The students look extremely smart and ready to learn when they follow our shared core standards on uniform that include:

a)       Wearing school blazers and jumpers at all times unless permission is given to remove them. As all students are aware they are not allowed to wear hoodies/coats underneath their blazers but they are permitted to wear a coat over their blazers when they are outside the school buildings. Coats should not be worn inside the buildings.

b)      Students who are attending school appropriately do not wear make-up (including fake tan) or jewellery, apart from a watch which is of course permitted

c)       The uniform policy states that students wear plain black leather school shoes at St Thomas More RC College and students should not attend school in trainers.


At times an extremely small number of students choose to wear their uniform incorrectly and these situations are dealt with promptly by staff asking students to correct their uniform and then the issuing of a sanction such as a lunchtime or after school detention when appropriate.

High Standards: Mobile Phone Policy

We do not allow Mobile phones to disturb learning in lessons or to disrupt the effective running of the school, so if a mobile phone or similar device is seen or heard on school premises it will be confiscated by a member of staff. On the first occasion a phone is confiscated in a term it can be returned to the student in question, however if a phone is confiscated on another occasion in the term, we do insist that parents or carers should collect the phone from the school office in line with our behaviour policy, as always I am grateful for your understanding in this matter.

End of Term Arrangements

As a Catholic Community we have a number of activities over the next few weeks to help prepare us for the very important festival of Christmas that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Our preparations include:

1)      Christmas Carol Concert at St Mary’s Church  – 11th December (All parents/carers are warmly invited to this event)

(5:30 for refreshments to start the evening at approximately 6pm)

2)      Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 13th December (Students will receive further information about this event)

3)      Festive Lunchtime - Wednesday 18th December

4)      Senior Citizens Christmas Party – Thursday 19th December

5)      Advent Liturgies – Friday 20th December

6)      Advent Charity Collections for the food bank in St Mary's Parish.

7)      Installation and decoration of the Christmas Tree in Foyer

8)      Assemblies and Form Prayers reflecting on Advent

Early Finish Last Day of Term

As is customary on the last day of term (Friday 20th December) the school will close early following afternoon registration at 12:15. The Y79, Y80 and 790 bus services will operate on that date for your child’s return journey home. If collecting your child by car, please do not park near or opposite the college entrance as this is a potential hazard as pupils cross the road when they leave the premises.

As always pupils are representing our school and yourselves as parents and carers as they make their journey home and we expect them to display the highest standards of behaviour in our local community.

Pupils return to school on Tuesday 7th January.

High Performing School 2019

This term it was a great privilege to be involved once again in the celebration of our past students’ successes at our Year 11 Leavers’ Presentation evening. The event was an opportunity to confirm that St Thomas More RC College continues to be a leading and high performing school in Tameside and across the Salford Diocese due to the hard work of both students and staff.  As we end the term we have now received all the applications for school admission to Year 7 in September 2020. I am proud to say that the school continues to be very heavily oversubscribed with far more students applying than we have places for. It is our commitment to provide the highest possible standards, in partnership with parents and carers, that gives all our fantastic students the opportunity to reach their full potential.

God bless you all and I hope you have a Happy and Holy Christmas.

Yours sincerely

Mr H Brophy