SEN College offer

Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

                                "The support, both academically and emotionally, for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is of the highest quality."   (Ofsted Report 2017)

At St Thomas More we embrace the ethos of inclusion which is reflected in our Mission Statement. We believe that every child in our college should be encouraged, supported and challenged to reach their full potential. We strive to create a community where pupils feel safe, valued and respected. 

We are fully committed to providing the most appropriate support and intervention for each child with SEND and we work collaboratively with parents and a range of external partners in order to ensure pupils with SEND are identified, supported and included in all aspects of college life.
Please see our SEN Information Report

Please see our Accessibility Plan.

We focus on delivering high quality teaching, enabling all learners to achieve in the classroom through differentiation. Pupils with SEND are set targets in line with the highest performing learners wherever possible. Learners with SEND are fully included in the college improvement cycle of analysis, action, evaluation and review in order to build sustainable progress.

It is not assumed that a pupil has special educational needs just because they have fallen behind with their learning. For any learner who does fall behind, the appropriate provision and interventions are put in place to reduce gaps in their learning. This includes:
learners with SEND who are performing at or above age-related expectations
all learners who are performing below age-related expectations including learners with SEND
all pupils who have a low reading age

Targeted intervention is available for groups of students with emotional, social or mental health issues.

The ASD Resource Base, managed by the Local Authority, provides additional, specialised support for pupils on the autistic spectrum in order to support their ability to access mainstream lessons.

Supervised provision during breaks and lunchtimes is available for pupils with SEND.

Head of Learning Support: Miss J Kirk BSc, PGCE, M.Ed, PGCertSpLD.


“…care for those in the greatest need is inspirational.” 
                                                (Section 48 inspection report 2013)