Year 11 Exams


Mrs R Mansoor (Exams Officer) is here to assist you with any exams related queries you may have. You can contact the Exams Officer on with any questions or queries.

Y11 Extra lessons

To allow all pupils in a subject to see their teacher between exam papers we are running five additional lessons. 
These may or may not be relevant to you:
Monday 6th June P3-4
All pupils go to RE
RE B band (11b/RE1. 11b/RE2, 11b/RE3) to go to their usual RE teacher. Mr Johnson’s group will move to room 35
RE A band to go to RE as usual. Mr Johnson’s group to go to room 35
Thursday 9th June P1-2
Geography option block C (11C/Gg1 and 11C/Gg2) to go to room 6
Thursday 9th June P5-6
English A band (11A/En1, 11A/En2, 11A/En3) go to your usual teacher and usual classroom
Monday 13th June P10-11
Science trilogy B Band (11b/Sc1, 11b/Sc2, 11b/Sc3, 11b/Sc4) go to room 10 (you will be allocated rooms from there)
Wednesday 15th June P10-11
History Option A (11A/Hi1) go to room 25

Examination Sessions or 'windows' take place every year in:

November/December (Y11 Mock Exams)

January (Cambridge Nationals)

March (Results Day)

April/May (GCSE MFL Speaking exams)

May & June (GCSE/Cambridge Nationals Exams /BTEC) 

June/July (EOY Y0 Mock Exams)

August (Results day)