Examination Timetable

Once the exam timetable is confirmed by the exam board the details of the date and time of exams can be viewed on the college website.

Statement of Entry Timetables are produced once all exam entries have been made. This timetable is specific to YOU and the subjects you are studying.

Individual Timetables are given to students approximately 2-6 weeks before your examinations. This timetable confirms the date and time of YOUR exams and the length of each exam you are entered for.



Please click here to download a copy of the Exam Timetable

  Examinations Timetable Summer 2022
Day/Date AM/PM Subject Code Duration  Awarding Body
21.03.2022 AM/PM Drama Performance Exam(Component 2) C690U20-1 TBC Eduqas
TBC   AM/PM Polish (Speaking Exams)      8688/SH TBC AQA
TBC   AM/PM Arabic/Russian/Portuguese                                                 (Speaking Exams) 1AA0 2H/1RU0 2H/  1PG0 2H TBC Pearson 
04.05.2022 until 12.05.2022   AM/PM Italian/French/German  (Speaking exams) 1IN0 2H/ 1FR0 2H-2F/ 1GN0 2H-2F TBC Pearson
Monday 16.05.2022 AM RE (Route B)- Paper 1 C120U80-1 1hr 30m Eduqas
PM Computer Science - Paper 1B (Python) 8525/1B 2hr 0m AQA
Tuesday 17.05.2022 AM Biology - Paper 1 8461/1F/1H  1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                                    (Biology - Paper 1) 8464/B/1H &1F 1hr 15m AQA
PM No Exam
Wednesday 18.05.2022 AM English Language - Paper 1 8700/1 1hr 45m AQA
PM German - Listening 1GN0 -1F/1H F - 0hr 35m                  H - 0hr 45m Pearson
 German - Reading 1GN0 - 3F/3H  F - 0hr 45m                H -1hr 0m Pearson
Thursday 19.05.2022 AM History -Paper 1B (Option C)   8145/1B/C             1hr 0m AQA
PM   Italian - Listening 1IN0/1H  H - 0hr 45m Pearson
 Italian - Reading 1IN0/3H  H -1hr 0m
Drama (Eduqas)Component 3 C690U30-1 1hr 30m Eduqas
Friday                20.05.2022 AM Maths - Paper 1F/ Paper 4H                                            (Calculator)     J560 / 1F /4H 1hr 30m OCR
PM No Exam
Monday 23.05.2022 AM Geography Paper 1  8035/1 1hr 30m AQA
PM No Exam
Tuesday 24.05.2022 AM   French - Listening 1FR01-1F/1H F - 0hr 35m                  H - 0hr 45m Pearson
French - Reading 1FR03 - 3F/3H  F - 0hr 45m                    H -1hr 0m
 Arabic - Listening 1AA0/1H  H - 0hr 45m Pearson
Arabic - Reading 1AA0/3H   H -1hr 05m
PM GCSE PE J587/01 1hr 00m OCR
Wednesday 25.05.2022 AM English Literature - Paper 1 8702/1N  &  8702/1M 0hr 50m                    0hr 50m           AQA
PM Media Studies (Eduqas) Component 1 C680U10-1 1hr 30m Eduqas
Thursday 26.05.2022 AM No Exam
PM RE (Route B)- Paper 2 C120U90-1 1hr 30m Eduqas
Friday 27.05.2022 AM Chemistry- Paper 1 8462/1F/1H  1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                              (Chemistry -Paper 1) 8464/C/1H &1F 1hr 15m AQA
PM Computer Science - Paper 2 8525/2 1hr 45m AQA
  Examinations Timetable Summer 2022
Day/Date AM/PM Subject Code Duration  Awarding Body
Monday 06.06.2022 AM   German - Writing 1GN0-4F/4H F -1hr 15m                   H-1hr 20m Pearson
PM   Arabic - Writing 1AA0/4H H-1hr 25m Pearson
Tuesday 07.06.2022 AM Maths - Paper 2F/ Paper 5H                                                        (Non -Calculator) J560 / 2F /5H 1hr 30m OCR
PM Geography - Paper 2 8035/2 1hr 15m AQA
Wednesday 08.06.2022 AM English Literature - Paper 2 8702/2 1hr 45m AQA
PM RE (Route B)- Paper 3 C120U60-1 1hr 0m Eduqas
Thursday 09.06.2022 AM History 1A (Option D) 8145 /1A/D              1hr 0m AQA
PM Physics -Paper 1  8463/1F/1H 1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                                      (Physics -Paper 1) 8464 /P/1H &1F 1hr 15m AQA
Friday 10.06.2022 AM English Language - Paper 2 8700/2 1hr 45m AQA
PM GCSE PE J587/02 1hr 00m OCR
Monday 13.06.2022 AM Maths - Paper 3F/ Paper 6H                                               (Calculator) J560 / 3F /6H 1hr 30m OCR
PM No Exam
Tuesday 14.06.2022 AM Geography - Paper 3 8035/3 1hr 0m AQA
PM  Italian - Writing 1IN0/4H  H -1hr 20m       F -1hr 15m   Pearson
Media Studies Componenet 2 C680U20-1  1hr 30m Eduqas
Wednesday 15.06.2022 AM   Biology - Paper 2 8461/2H/2F  1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                                      (Biology - Paper 2) 8464/B/2H &2F 1hr 15m AQA
PM Design & Technology                                                            (Product Design & Textiles) C600U10-1 2hr 00m            Eduqas
Russain - Listening 1RU0/1H  H - 0hr 45m Pearson
Russian - Reading 1RU0/3H  H -1hr 05m
Thursday  16.06.2022 AM History -Paper 2A (Section A) 8145 /2A/A               1hr 0m AQA
PM   French - Writing 1FR01-4F/4H  F -1hr 15m                   H -1hr 20m Pearson
Friday 17.06.2022 AM No Exam
PM Polish - Listening 8688/LH H - 0hr 45m AQA
Polish - Reading 8688/RH H - 1hr 0m
Portuguese - Listening 1PG0 /1H H - 0hr 45m Pearson
Portuguese- Reading 1PG0 /3H H - 1hr 0m
Monday 20.06.2022 AM   Chemistry - Paper 2 8462/2F/2H  1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                                  (Chemistry -Paper 2) 8464/C/2H & 2F 1hr 15m AQA
PM Food Preparation and Nutrition C560UA0-1 1hr 45m Eduqas
Tuesday 21.06.2022 AM No Exam
PM No Exam
Wednesday 22.06.2022 AM Music J536 /05  1hr 30m OCR
PM No Exam
Thursday 23.06.2022 AM   Physics - Paper 2 8462/2H/2F  1hr 45m AQA
Combine Science -- Trilogy                                                   (Physics -Paper 2) 8464/P/2H & 2F 1hr 15m
PM No Exam
Friday 24.06.2022 AM No Exam
PM No Exam
Monday 27.06.2022 AM Polish - Writing 8688/WH H-1hr 20m AQA
Portuguese - Writing 1PG /4H H-1hr 20m Pearson
PM No Exam
Tuesday 28.06.2022 AM   Russian - Writing 1RU0/4H  H-1hr 25m Pearson
PM No Exam