GIFT Team News

During Lent, one of our chosen charities to raise funds for was Cancer Research. Furthermore, as a community, we baked, we ran and a teacher even shaved his head to raise awareness and money for this important life-changing charity. Representatives from Cancer Research came to our college to speak to our college council and GIFT chaplaincy team about what they do and how our money is used to make a difference in the lives of those who are 'living with cancer'. The help and support that they give to people diagnosed with the disease and the support that they give to family members is incredible! 
To help support this cause, we raised the outstanding amount of £3660 and our funds will help make a difference to people who are suffering from this disease. In addition, we are planning to join the Cancer Research relay event, which is a sponsored event that occurs every year in Stockport. As a college, we are committed to this cause and we will continue to support the research and development of this amazing cause in the future.