KS3 students take part in Big Draw

Throughout October, students in Key Stage 3 have been participating in the Big Draw. This year the theme was STEAM encouraging students to think about the link between Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art. 

Year 7 focused on creating "frottage" insects using man made textures, patterns and found objects. The STEAM element focused on insect identification, considering the use of man-made texture such as sand paper as well as the aesthetic considerations of display. 

Year 8 used symmetry as a starting point to draw the mirror image of an insect and then used their own designs to incorporate man-made objects and materials into the drawing creating their own "steam punk" insect. 

Year 9 looked at the design and use of branding used in the manufacture of products and created branded animals using a range of logos and iconography. The work was conceptually linked to their study of "Consumerism" which focuses on the process of creating products for different purposes and understanding what the product represent beyond their original purpose. 

The Big Draw encourages everyone to draw and events have been on across the country throughout October. More information and events can be found on the Big Draw website www.thebigdraw.org