St Thomas More Art Students Unleash their Creativity

 St Thomas More Art Students Unleash their Creativity!

Throughout October, Art students at St Thomas More RC College have been creating "Living Lines" artwork for The Big Draw 2017.  The Big Draw is an arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Furthermore, The Big Draw is an international opportunity for arts practitioners to create and share collaborative works based on a shared theme.

This term all our Year 7 students have created impressive and expressive drawings on Pin wheels and explored the link between art and motion. On one side of the pin wheel, they explored the lines of famous artists such as Mondrian and Bridget Riley and on the other side, students created expressive lines using more non-traditional materials, like tooth picks, and ink.   A selection of the students work can be seen in a video
Furthermore, this term our Year 9 students have created superb and imaginative skeleton puppets that explore lines and patterns inspired by ‘Dia de Los Muertas’, which is a tradition festival in Mexico that celebrates the ‘Day of the Dead.’  Students were able to use a range of artistic techniques and vibrant colours to create their puppets, which showcased their artistic flair and talents.

Finally, this term the Key Stage 3 Art club have created line drawing with one thing in common, a red dot.  Students had to use the red dot to create their own ‘line drawing’ that produced imaginative and engaging pieces of artwork.  A video of their superb work is on Vimeo. 

Key Stage 3 art club is open to all Year 8 and 9 pupils during Period 6 on Tuesday Afternoons.