STM Students Experience a Masterclass in Funk

STM Students Experience a Masterclass in Funk.
A ‘9 piece funk band’ from The Bridgewater Hall visited St Thomas More RC College to work with 15 musically talented Year 8 students. The objective of the workshop was to create inspirational music and to pen a funk song.
The band performed a 30 minutes set and showcased their own compositions, as well as playing a range of contemporary covers that our students would recognise. However, there was a musical twist and the band used their funk origins and roots to create a whole new sound with a range of instruments.
After the performance, STM students were given the tasked of writing a funk song. The pupils decided to write a song about their Headteacher Miss Burns and the group was split into sections: vocals and lyrics, keyboards, guitars, brass and strings, bass and drums/percussion. Each member of the funk band led a section and helped the Year 8 students compose An engaging riff to play as a full ensemble. 

Fifteen minutes in and we were ready to rehearse our composition; we even had a keyboard solo played by Adam Carter. The students who performed were:


Eliza Egan, Peniel Amegee, Mariton Naraja





Adam Carter, Amber Jones, Ciara Marsland, Libby Mclellan O'Neill, Mandy Oni

Brass and Strings

Amy Fitzpatrick, Maja Bielawska, Liam Burns

Guitar and Bass

Isobel Duffy, Thomas Baynham, Lily Harrison

Percussion and Drums

Otis Wedderburn