Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide an engaging, inclusive, challenging environment for all learners and our vision is to foster a love of languages and an appreciation of other cultures in all learners. Our pupils are taught the language-learning skills and strategies that they need to become independent language learners. It is also a powerful tool to help broaden the view of socially disadvantaged students, who may not have had opportunities for travel. Studying a language enables them to experience new ways of seeing the world and to become aware of the advantages that learning a language can have both in their personal and working lives.

Our KS3 curriculum shows well-planned transition from KS2 for those who are continuing to study French and our Y7 German SOW builds on skills pupils have already developed whilst learning another language at primary school. 

Our KS4 curriculum builds on the knowledge and skills that pupils have learnt and developed at KS3.   We revisit and build on existing knowledge and follow the Pearson Edexcel scheme of work to ensure pupils are exam ready