Key Stage 4 GCSE Drama

Year 10 and 11
GCSE Drama allows pupils to work creatively and collaboratively on a range of dramatic genres. Pupils develop creative and performance skills which will be used to showcase their acting talents in a number of dramatic roles. Pupils reflect and evaluate their own work and the work of others to help them enhance their dramatic skills. In addition pupils learn how drama is created, including all the acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on to the stage. Pupils learn how to create a character and play this character in a performance. 

Specification Summary 

Component 1: Devising Theatre 
Pupils will participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre using the techniques of an influential theatre practitioner or genre, in response to stimulus set by WJEC. 

Component 2: Performing from a Text
Pupils study two extracts from a scripted text and participate in a performance. 

Component 3: Interpreting Theatre 
Pupils will take a written examination where they will have to answer questions on a set text they have studied and also will have to write a live theatre review of a production that they will have seen.