Science Curriculum Intent

Our Science curriculum is designed to encourage pupils to develop an enjoyment of the discovery of the world around us and how it works.  Our aim for all pupils is to produce scientifically literate individuals who can, for example, understand media reports, take informed personal decisions about issues such as diet or medical treatment, and more generally engage with the issues science and technology pose.

The curriculum is designed using the AQA curriculum, with the Big Ideas being taught at KS3 and AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy or Separate Sciences being chosen at KS4.

The KS3 curriculum has been planned in the department with common content for all pupils and including opportunities for practical skills to be developed throughout the key stage.

The KS4 curriculum follows the specifications for the AQA suite of exams at GCSE level. The department follows the specification to produce lessons which focus on the mastery of content and skills.



KS4 Science

Triple Science