Physical Education

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Forms T & M Forms H & A  Forms O & S
Baseline/Physical Tests Baseline/Physical Tests Baseline/Physical Tests
X-Country X-Country X-Country
Gym Invasion Net/Wall
Net/Wall Gym Invasion
Invasion Net/Wall Gym
Fitness Fitness Fitness
            Boys                           Girls                     Mixed Ability     
 Football   Dance HRF
 Hockey   Football Net/Wall 
 Basketball   Hockey Boxing
 Rugby   Netball Athletics
 Athletics   Athletics Strike/Field
 Cricket   Rounders Alt Activity

Year 7 curriculum synopsis

Pupils stay in 3 mixed sex forms groups for the initial baseline and physical fitness testing as well as the basic introduction to the principles of Physical Education up until Christmas. 

The pupils are then split into ability groups. Two single sex upper ability groups will then focus upon a more traditional sexed curriculum that is designed to develop skills and sport specific techniques for competitive situations. The mixed ability group will specifically work on the acquisition of skills, remaining physically active in lessons and in a less competitive situation. 

Year 8

Boys   Girls Mixed Ability
Badminton Hockey Tag rugby
Hockey Badminton Gym
Gym Football/Rugby Hockey
Rugby Dance Orienteering
Football Gym Net/Wall
Mixed  Boys  Girls
Trampolining Badminton HRF
Volleyball Table Tennis Ex2 Music
Handball Trampolining Netball 
Athletics Boxing Trampolining
Athletics Athletics Athletics
Strike/Field Cricket Rounders

Year 8 curriculum synopsis

Following a similar curriculum style to which they completed in Year 7 the pupils in year 8 begin with upper single sex group and a mixed ability group up until February half term. 

The single sex groups follow the traditional sexed curriculum focusing on developing and refining skills in the competitive situations. The mixed ability group begin to be introduced to competition but remain focused on acquiring and developing skills. At February half-term it changes to an upper mixed sex group whom are performing with the highest attainment levels and 2 remaining single sex groups. 

Year 9

Boys  Girls  Mixed 
Hockey Badminton HRF
HRF Hockey Tag Rugby
Flight Gym  Netball Net/Wall
Football Boxercise Indoor Hockey
Table Tennis Flight Gym Boxercise
Mixed Boys Girls 
Trampolining Badminton Ex2Music
Badminton Basketball Trampolining 
Handball Table Tennis Alt Activities
Field Athletics Trampolining Athletics
Track Athletics Athletics Rounders
Strike/Field Cricket Net/Wall 

Year 9 curriculum synopsis

From September single sex upper groups aiming to acquire at least Level 6 work and beyond with the mixed ability group working to level 5. Change at February half term the pupils with highest attainment levels/GCSE pathway pupils are grouped together with focus on aspiring to the highest KS3 Physical Education levels. The two single sex groups working to achieve their personalised attainment level. 

Key Stage 4 


All lessons are practical where the focus of the lessons is applying skills, techniques and tactical strategies into competitive situations. 


Pupils have the option of choosing GCSE Physical Education at Key Stage 4.  Pupils have five one hour periods over two weeks. Three periods are theory and two are practical. Pupils are assessed as follows:
Theory – 60% total mark – 2 x 1 hour exams worth 30% each
Practical – 30% total mark – 3 activities (a combination of individual and team) worth 10% each
Analysis (AEP) – 10% total mark – Produce a written action plan Analysing and Evaluating Performance 
Changes to the GCSE in 2016 means practical to theory % weight has changed and that the pupils are now assessed 20% more by their theory knowledge and 20% less in their practical ability. 
Further detail of the specification can be found on the link below:  


At St Thomas More RC College we follow the OCR GCSE Physical Education syllabus 2009 full course.  Pupils are assessed practically (4 activities chosen) which is worth 50% of final mark, theoretically (2 one hour written examinations) worth 40% of final and analytically (2 two hour controlled assessments focussing on improving lifestyle and performance) which is worth a total of 10% of final mark.

50% Practical – 4 activities worth 12.5% each

40% Theory – 2 exams worth 20% each

10% Analysis – 2 pieces of controlled assessment worth 5% each 

There are no pre-requisites for taking GCSE Physical Education but to achieve the best mark possible pupils whom are thinking of opting for the subject should have represent college in at least four different extra-curricular activities by Year 9. 

Further detail of the specification can be found at the link below. 

Link to OCR GCSE Physical Education specification –