Physical Education Curriculum Intent at St Thomas More

KS3 Physical Education

Our learners at Key Stage 3 are taught competency in their skills and techniques across the different sports of the National Curriculum. They will develop a range of tactics and strategies in competitive situations and combine their development of skill acquisition to improve performance. With quality teaching we build their practical confidence and understanding as to what is an effective practical performance is so they are able to develop a lifelong learning experience where they have the confidence and interest in activities out of school and in later life. In Year 7 we focus on introducing fundamental skills and knowledge, Year 8 embedding those into the curriculum and in Year 9 the aim is to apply and develop them through competitive and challenging situations.

KS4 Physical Education

All our learners at Key Stage 4 all participate in 2 hours of high-quality Physical Education in CORE PE. Groups ere setted so that traditional sporting activities are able to take place where the learners are able to tackle complex and physically demanding activities. The curriculum allows for a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. Our aim and intent are for us to create physically active young adults whom are prepared and equipped for a lifelong Physical activity.

Our learners are offered two optional pathways that lead into further progression at KS5. We offer OCR GCSE Physical Education and Cambridge National Level 2 in Sport. The GCSE PE is heavily weighted by theory work and seen as a more academic option with 60 % exam and 10 % analysis or performance (coursework) with 3 practical sports making up the 30% weighting. The Cambridge National is seen as a more vocational option with only 25% weighting of an exam with 75% made up of coursework supporting practical performance.

Core PE