Art and Design at St Thomas More RC College

Art and Design impacts upon our modern lives in many ways, from exciting web design to the colour schemes in our homes; the way we think and use visual information is essential in the 21st century.  Thinking about problems creatively, having an ability and understanding of the visual aesthetic can be an essential communication skill. Our schemes of work are designed to inform and support the development of pupils’ practical and creative thinking skills and present valuable opportunities to produce personal and informed work. The Art and Design department aims to introduce our pupils to a range of media and approaches. 

Over Key Stage 3 pupils will experience a range of skills covering, painting and drawing, print, creative construction, and clay.
Year 7: 
The Year 7 course looks at building basic art skills, looking at pupils understanding of shape, tone, colour and the formal elements of art. They will look at a variety of artists work for inspiration and techniques, Ernst Haeckel’s shell and sea life studies, Hundertwasser and Gaudi’s creative buildings, Jasper Johns colourful numbers and letters. 

Year 8:
The Year 8 curriculum builds upon their knowledge and understanding from Year 7, producing projects based on world cultures, bugs/insects and birds and modern illustrators.  

Year 9:
The focus of Year 9 is to encourage a better understanding of the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for GCSE success. They work through projects based on portraits, and then move on to look at a range of mixed media and contemporary artists. We encourage pupils at this age to start to take more creative control over their work, developing choices of materials and styles.

There are several art extracurricular clubs and activities within the department for pupils to voluntarily attend. These are well attended and are particularly popular with pupils who are gifted and talented or have specific educational needs. Clubs are available at lunch or after school on most days. 

Pupils are regularly assessed, and have written feedback in sketchbooks to help guide them in the creative processes. This information is relayed to parents via the schools tracking system.  
Pupils are marked using the assessment objectives below. 
AO1: Developing ideas from artist analysis 
AO2: Exploring a range of media and skills
AO3:  Recording ideas relevant to intentions
AO4: Presenting a personal response based on their visual investigations

At  Key Stage 4 we offer AQA GCSE Art and Design. This is a general art and design course allowing our pupils to develop their own work in a range of media and approaches.  Generally most pupils produce a three dimensional project, and a painting and drawing outcome for the second project.   Within this qualification pupils can work with, clay, wire, mod rock, mosaic tile, card, paper, textiles and more traditional painting and drawing materials. Pupils are encouraged to express their creativity and develop personally directed and individual outcomes and projects. We believe strongly in preparing pupils with the knowledge and understanding of how to develop projects successfully as individuals, rather than whole groups developing very similar outcomes and research. This way our pupils are prepared for the next stages of their educational life, having developed the understanding of how to self-direct their own work.