Art Subject Intent

Students explore knowledge and understanding, technical proficiency, personal process and creativity from KS3 to KS4. The art department use baseline assessments to support and adapt learning to the individual needs. Students are encouraged to celebrate individual progress by focusing on their development from their individual starting points rather than working competitively. Students explore the formal elements using different materials, techniques and processes providing them with a range of practical opportunities across the curriculum.  Key skills and vocabulary are highlighted in instructions and success criteria to build visual literacy and to support all abilities. Students personal process allows for the integration of all the formal elements culminating in exhibition ready pieces based on a portfolio of developmental investigations. Exemplars of student portfolios, skills and tasks are provided during lesson, for home and remote learning as well as on our Vimeo to extend and challenge all students.

Artists used to support learning are selected from tradition, history, different cultures and contemporary culture.   There is a balance between historic and cultural examples and the curriculum also contains examples of British and local artists as part of each topic where possible.  Students are encouraged to use key vocabulary in when writing in full sentences as well as using key words while critiquing artworks verbally.  There is a focus on creative careers and working like an artist to support students understanding of authentic learning beyond the classroom.  Home learning is designed to support student progress as well as fostering a life long love of drawing for pleasure.